All Time Tools

Delivery and Receiving Instructions
Please read carefully, and follow these instructions.

What to Look Out For at the Time of Delivery , and What’s not Included.
Upon delivery of your order the carrier will arrive in a 40’ (+-) tractor trailer with a covered trailer or flatbed. If there is any question regarding whether a truck of this size can access your delivery location, call All Time Tools immediately to try to arrange a special delivery. Special delivery is not included in your order price, and you will be responsible for any special delivery fees. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify All Time Tools of any special delivery conditions prior to shipment of your order. If we are not notified prior to shipment you will incur in expensive return and redelivery fees. 
Your purchase price includes curbside LTL delivery and up to two hours unload time. Two hours unload time should be sufficient to unload a full tractor trailer if proper equipment and personnel are available. If the unload time exceeds two hours, additional charges (Detention Charges) will be incurred. You are responsible for any detention charges for delays in unloading beyond two hours, and you will need to pay those charges directly to the driver prior to the truck leaving your project site. All Time Tools will not be responsible for detention charges.

When to Sign for the Bill of Lading?
Once you have inspected the bill of lading for any inconsistencies, mistakes, omissions, or other problems, you should inspect the goods themselves. Look over your goods for any damage that may have been incurred during transport. The bill of lading should have a list of your items and the condition each one was in before the move. If anything is damaged and no longer matches the description on the bill, bring this up with the freight company representative immediately. If you notice any damage after signing the bill of lading, you will have a difficult time filing the claim. And unfortunately, we are not responsible further.

If there is anything on the bill that disagrees with any other document you have signed, then feel free to withhold your signature.
There are many other points on the bill of lading you'll want to review. For instance, make sure that the name, address, item no, quantity, and phone number of the freight company appear on the bill.
Remember, it is worth the time and effort to thoroughly go over your bill of lading upon receiving your goods. Doing this before signing can save you a lot of trouble later on. Once you are sure that the bill of lading is accurate and that no damage has occurred to your goods, then sign away!

  • Make sure you are in the place at the time of delivery. And please make sure to have items that might become necessary to fully inspection the items such as a camera, phone, work gloves, box cutter.
  • Carefully look and inspect the outer package for any visible damage. Please make note of any damage to the cardboard packaging before removing. Be sure to note this in the bill of lading. If possible write on the bill of lading yourself. If the driver insists on being the one to write on the bill of lading initial his notes showing that you agree with them. If you do not agree with the drivers notes do not sign the bill of lading.
  • Remove banding straps and wrap. If you see any damage at this point STOP - NOTE THE DAMAGE ON THE BILL OF LADING and CONTINUE YOUR INSPECTION.
  • Remove plastic lining. The plastic bag and shrink wrap can easily hide dents and dings that can occur during shipping. Once removed inspect your toolbox on each side thoroughly for any dents or scratches. If you see any damage at this point STOP - NOTE THE DAMAGE ON THE BILL OF LADING and CALL US RIGHT AWAY. **In some occasions we will request pictures to assist you on the issue, Please have a camera ready
  • *Sign for your shipment if everything is perfect. All products that arrive via common carrier freight must be inspected prior to signing for the product. If your product does arrive with damage YOU MUST REFUSE DELIVERY and note the damage on the bill of lading. THIS IS NECESSARY FOR YOUR PROTECTION although the responsibility is with the carrier, please notify and contact immediately so that we may be of some assistance. Once you accept damaged freight will be unable to help you with a freight claim.
  • If you have any questions at time of delivery please CALL US IMMEDIATELY at 1-888-406-2177, please remember if any damage is detected, please retain all packaging until a claim is resolved.

If you have any questions or need assistance in any way, please call your All Time Tools representative at 1-888-406-2177. We appreciate your business very much and would be gratified to receive the opportunity to supply your needs in the future where your project calls for fine tool storage products.Sincerely,